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Compare and analyse financial information from SEC xbrl filings

myxbrl:analysis® provides real time access to the SEC filings. Compare various filings and export the result to your Google Drive or download as a excel

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Sign In, type in the company or ticker you require, select the data and download. Its as easy as that. The file you will receive will be an excel formatted file or you can opt to receive it in your google drive.

Each file contains the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, other comprehensive income and statement of stockholders equity for the user selected companies.

Custom Reports and Services

Please email info@myxbrlanalysis.com for any custom built reports.

If you wanted custom built real time financial information to your web portal/website or to your application please email info@myxbrlanalysis.com for further information.

We can also assist you in advice and bespoke development of any XBRL application, conversions or data mining projects. Please contact info@myxbrlanalysis.com for more information.

About us

myxbrlanalysis.com mainly developed for internal financial research for EarningsTrading.com(London). Later we decided to move it to the web for the public. This web application is still in development phase.

We are a small team of highly skilled people who provide institutional grade research at retail investor price

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